UNISOL® Liquid Dyes

UNISOL® Liquid Dyes are designed to provide an outstandingly easy and economical way to color petroleum products. UNISOL® dyes are strong and bright, easy to handle and are also available in several non-hazardous high flash solvent systems. Whether used alone or blended with one another to achieve unique color shades, UNISOL® dyes offer powerful coloring capabilities.

Choose UNISOL® for:

• Fuels and Fuel Additives
• Biodiesel
• Lubricating Oils
• Transmission and Hydraulic Fluids
• Greases
• Leak Detection
• Aerobatic Smokes
• Government Fuel Dyeing Regulations

Choose UNISOL® for non-petroleum applications:

• Stains and Varnishes
• Foil Lacquers
• Solvent Coatings

UNIMARK® Covert Markers

UNIMARK® products are unique covert chemical markers designed for brand or grade identification, fraud detection or to monitor the appropriate use of taxed and untaxed fuels as required by governmental regulations.

As oil companies and governments continue to experience the growing challenges of revenue loss due to fraud the addition of a Unimark is a simple, practical and effective solution. In addition, Unimarks also provide an economical way to ensure product integrity.

UNIMARK® Products:

• Remain colorless until detected
• Will not alter the properties of
   the marked fuel or lubricant.
• Are highly miscible
• Can be easily field tested
• Offer accuracy & reliability through advanced
   detection techniques

UNIGLOW® Liquid Dyes

UNIGLOW® products are highly concentrated dyes that will produce fluorescent effects in petroleum fluids when excited by uv light. The uses for these products are numerous and range from simple single point leak detection to systems that require a multi-faceted approach due to multiple leakage points with more than one fluid.

Choose UNIGLOW® to identify leaks in:

• Engines
• Transmissions
• Hydraulic fluids
• Air conditioning
• Refrigerant systems


Aqueous dyes for petroleum applications.

Choose UNIQUA® for:

• Antifreeze
• Detergents
• Degreasers
• Metal Working Fluids
• Windshield Washer Fluid